No matter how much you love wildlife, finding yourself a foot away from a large feral cat must be pretty scary. But what about a dozen male lions walking toward your car? It is a kind (more like one of a kind) of feeling, this – lucky I have to say – the guy had while driving down the road through South Africa’s Kruger Park.

Instead of driving away, the man, still unnamed, took his phone and started filming the incredible scene unfolding right in front of him. The result is an epic shot of a herd of majestic lions calmly marching down the street.

Though less than a minute long, the hair-raising footage shows more than a dozen lions getting too close to be comfortable with humans in front of the camera.

All the males – judging by their manes – these lions look like they have one purpose in their mind, to show everyone they have a place when they display their formidable stature. The incredible video ends with the man starting the car engine and driving away from the giant pride.

By Mirabel

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