Have you ever been in Netherlands – even as a tourist? What do you like about life here in the Netherlands?

Let me share top 5 things why I fall in love with the life in Netherlands:

Direct communication – no fuss

My favorite part about my Dutch friends is how direct they are, they say it like it is, no bulls.hit and straight to the point. This is not really easy to get used to especially depending on your cultural base. While some cultures find this hard to take, I think it’s amazing. If your hair looks funny or you’ve done something wrong, they will just tell you straight up. If they are not happy with something you have done, they will tell you not out of anger, but in a way they want to resolve the problem rather than keep it to themselves. This is something I’ve learned to love as you can be very honest with the people around you , Dutch people can make great friends.

Riding, riding, and riding – Public transport is king

The Dutch have no need for cars, Trains are well connected all over the Netherlands and with bicycle networks so well in use you will never need a car unless you have just picked up a gratis sofa on a market space. The Netherlands is one of the rare places where a car will stop for you as you cross the road on a bike path. Bike is king here and everyone respects that, just remember to buy a cheap shitty bike with 4 locks and you will never have to worry about it going missing.

Opportunities everywhere – come and join the party!

The Netherlands might be small, but it’s full of fresh opportunities in all business areas and in various aspects of life if you just want to enjoy this beautiful country and happy to earn your living and not after probably becoming a billionaire.
The government also helps small businesses to grow by simplifying bureaucracy, offering tax breaks and continuously updating government policies.
You might not believe that after all, but it’s the fact that this is a nation that very powerfully transformed itself over the centuries from a tidal lowland of farmers, sailors and merchants into a financial center, design hotspot and startup capital. World is becoming digital right? They’ve got that “digital disruption” term and projects to get rolled-out probably much earlier than many other countries in globe!

“Go Dutch”

If you’re out with a Dutch friend and offer to pay this could easily be seen as offensive, especially if you’re being persistent. It’s very common to split bills with the Dutch so you’re both on equal terms (this is very bizarre for the British who normally fork out sometimes). When out with friends, make sure you keep track of who brought you b.e.ers because you should buy one back for your Dutch friend.

Dutch B.e.e.r

They will admit Belguim b.e.er is better than Hienkien, they are very honest about enjoying the best quality in b.e.er but in small volumes. This was something I had to adapt to rather quickly. B.e.er is often served in half pints and if you order a full pint you get funny looks unless its a hot summer Day and you have ordered a Weizener during your people watching session out on the bar terrace, (Dutch people love these chatty meet ups).

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